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Data Hygiene Services

We will review your in-house email list and perform the following :

  • Removal of spam traps.
  • Removal of invalid domains
  • Removal of non-deliverable domains and email addresses
  • Duplicate address removal
  • Foreign address separation or removal
  • Removal of departmentalized emails (info@ etc.)
  • Removal of (Hotmail, AOL, MSN, Yahoo) and other top provider traps
  • Removal of mobile users (as sourced from the FTC DNE List)
  • Litigious address removal – removal of companies and people who purposely seed or have been known to historically sue
  • Removal of addresses containing threat strings (bad words, known trap phrases, names, etc.)
  • Removal of industry known habitual complainers or screamers
  • Character field removal – removal of leading and trailing spaces within data fields

Provide a report and a cleaned file with your data returned to you.


Why is email data hygiene so important?

Good list hygiene is critical to the success of your direct marketing business. By keeping your customer information as accurate and up-to-date as possible, you’ll reduce your marketing costs while actually increasing your revenue return. It’s a win-win situation! Regular data cleansing can help you realize all of your company’s marketing potential.

Data hygiene service is important in keeping your database in top performing shape. All computers contain some sort of data and those who have ever dealt with large batches of this data know that there are often things in your database that have absolutely nothing to do with anything. Sometimes entries are input in the wrong format or they may simply be incorrect entries that should have been deleted long ago. Data scrubbing or data hygiene allows you to increase the quality of your computer system.

Looking at it from another point of view, imagine the mess that you would have if you never performed data hygiene. Allowing incorrect records to simply sit in your system may eventually lead to duplicated data. You may find that you have multiple entries that should have been only one entry. If you allow these incorrect entries to pile up, your whole system could become unreliable. Data scrubbing is crucial for keeping your system up and running properly and for ensuring that all of your entries are correct. It has been estimated that the Health Care Industry alone loses more than $20 Billion dollars every year because of data that is incorrect or duplicate. By performing data hygiene, you can find, fix or remove those incorrect, duplicate or incomplete entries and save your organization thousands of dollars.

Maintaining a clean database is particularly important for marketers. Although performing email data hygiene is not crucial in the sense of completely bringing your business down, it can help you to perform to a higher level of efficiency. Some of the most important reasons to perform email data scrubbing include reducing your prospect time and decreasing your overall sales cycle. In fact, by performing simple email list hygiene you can reduce your sales prospect time by more than fifty percent overall. You will enjoy a much higher return on your investment from your marketing and sales campaigns and save on the resources that you would typically lose by chasing the wrong leads. In short, you will see a much higher level of productivity throughout your organization. So the question here becomes “why wouldn’t you take the time to learn more about data hygiene and how it can benefit your business?” Data hygiene is simply one way that businesses can save time and money, increase efficiency and ensure that their systems operate on the highest level of effectiveness possible.

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