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Targeted Opt-In Direct Email Marketing


targeted direct emails

How can you reach more qualified potential buyers to let them know about an upcoming auction in their market?’s targeted opt in direct email marketing is designed to do exactly that. Our national database of over 150 million consumers and 30 million businesses is complete with demographic, geographic and other information allowing us to create very specific lists to which we deliver your auction information via email.

We tailor your e-mailing to the type of auction, property, and items being auctioned. For real estate auctions we may largest individuals with salaries above a selected amount, as well as known investors, and businesses such as real estate brokers and agents. For an automobile auction on the other hand, we might target men between the ages of 18 and 55 who are collectors, enjoy automotive work, or even drive a specific type of automobile. The possibilities are endless.

Email is the preferred method of online communication

AuctionServices e-mailers help you:
• Gain exposure in new markets and increase attendance at auctions
• Engage potential buyers online and promote other items being auctioned
• Create a multi-level marketing campaign
• Grow your internal database
• Lower the overall cost of promotion
• Increase response rates

Lifestyle Selects

In addition to demographic and geographic selectors, AuctionServices’ database contains a wealth of information from which we can target specific consumers – such as annual household income, property ownership, online activity and interests.

Some Examples of our work:

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